Some New Art






Just some more art for my “learning to draw” project. The truth is I haven’t had that much time and energy to draw lately, as some of you might have noticed (according to my blog statistics there’s a bunch out there following what I post). Reasons are I’m busy with my new job, and I’ve had 4 flues in two or three months. Also, my Internet connection has been really crappy so I can’t draw and listen to music and documentaries at the same time, like I used to.

But one of the main reasons I haven’t drawn so much is that to be honest I’ve grown kinda tired of places like and Deviantart. They seem like elitistic small group where you have to praise certain individuals or paint in a specific style. If you (like me) have a full time job on the side you are “not devoting yourself to art” and is sometimes considered lazy, which I find depressing. Art is my hobby, and that’s how I want it to be right now. I actually worked as a stand-in artist two weeks ago at the game studio. Fun, but very very challenging to texture 3D objects and paint interface and icons. I learned a lot, and it was an interesting insight to what the day to day life as a video game artist is like. But right now I don’t wanna work with my hobby, or have my hobby as work.

But the thing that has stopped me from creating like before is that each time I sit down in front of the computer and open up Photoshop and stare at the screen and try to paint I feel trapped. I feel like I’m in some sort of mental prison. Like I don’t wanna spend my life sitting here, in front of my desk, doing 2D that only lives inside the computer. Hard to explain, but that’s how I feel right now. Been like this for two months now.

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