Spring Cleaning my Computer

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As you can tell my computer is under construction at the moment, so it’s hard to make any digital drawings come to life right now. I’m learning how to insert additional hard drives, format stuff and taking the time to sort all my 200 000 images and photos. I can’t say it’s fun, but it was well needed and long overdue. Having the perfect backup and everything from 2003 neatly organized in folders is…extremely satisfying, haha! I organized my Art Project sketch books while I was at it and started filling my 7th book. I actually feel quite inspired, and as soon as I got my computer up and running I want to paint some nature stuff. Doing digital studies of fruit, trees and flowers makes me relax.

Other than that I’ve been preparing the Art Contest for Nordic Game (stop by and say “hi” if you happen to be there this week), mixing some smoothies and visiting the amazing mega aquarium Den Blå Planet in Denmark last weekend with my childhood friends! It was super awesome, my favorite species there has to be the Common Sea Dragon. It looks like a tiny version of the dead horses pulling the carts to Hogwarts. It’s also the inspiration for the Pokémon Dragalge (I guess?!).

More art next week, just wanted to make a post to tell you guys I’m still alive : ) Write me a comment if you know about any additional cool creatures living in the sea, I love weird looking animals!

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