Summer Adventures


A fresh page from my sketch book! I’ve now filled 1/3 of it. Attended the weekly sketch jam tonight, at Starbucks here in Malmö. It’s pretty much the only time i get to speak IRL to fellow artsy people about art, painting and drawing. Always looking forward to the meetups! This time we were around 15 peeps. Last week only three of us could make it. But it’s always fun to hang out with the other guys n’ gals. Some of them are game developers, so I get to rant about games and game making while being there. I guess you could say it’s my vent, haha!

As you can tell I’m still doing anatomy studies of the upper body, with a focus on the arms. Gonna pick the human body apart, piece by piece, and so far I’m learning plenty! Taking my time, not rushing trough the body this time. I think studying the bodies if real, live athletes in photos is helping a lot. I wasn’t really that motivated when looking at those dead anatomy charts. Hopefully this will help me create better life drawings when the life drawing classes start again this fall.

photo 2

photo 1

photo (2)

When I’m not drawing or working I’m out in the sun, trying to find an adventure or two. The past days I’ve been to both Denmark and Germany. In Denmark I slept in a small cottage, listening to the soft summer rain falling on the roof, in the middle of the night. Super cozy!

When you live in Malmö it’s very convenient to just catch a train and go across the big bridge to Denmark, or to team up with someone who have a car and hit the road to southern Europe. When I was living on the Åland Islands you were pretty much stuck there and needed to plan ahead because with the ferries leaving the island, if you wanted to go places. From my front door I got ~20 mins to Copenhagen airport, one of the biggest airports in Europe! Sweet!

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