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Nude People!


2nd Oct


9th Oct


25th Oct


6th Nov


20th Nov

I may not have painted and drawn in front of the computer like I used to, the past two months, but I’ve attended a night class of croquis, ha! I’ve spent ten hours drawing naked models now, and it finally seems like I’m making some well deserved progress. It’s great fun and time just flies when I’m there. The models don’t hold a pose for more than five minutes at a time, and it’s nice they have such different body types. I just wish there would be a male model to paint every now and then.

Feels awesome to have some IRL drawing going on. I don’t feel like I’m trapped like when I’m in front of the computer, painting in Photoshop. Next week I’m also gonna start attend a weekly sketch jam here in Malmö! Apparently the concept artists from Massive (a game studio) and some art students get together at Starbucks and draw a couple of hours every Tuesday. Everyone’s welcome. Asked the artists on my game studio this week, and they said they felt like joining me for the sketch jams. Looking forward to next week!