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Learning To Draw: #36


1,5 hours, real life study of Jasmine flowers from the garden. Not quite sure about that glass of water hmm…Anyhow, I had a serious moment of doubt (in pretty much everything) that day, but got myself together at the end of the day and sat down and painted again (thank you all nice people who encourage me to try harder).


Some kind of experimenting with female warrior armor. I’ve been going trough the video library at CTRL Paint during the last few days, so there have been more listing and writing than actual painting. I guess you need to mix practical and theory to really learn something, right?


A quick exercise in learning to see light and shadow, tracing the skull at first. If I trace the object I only need to worry about the light/shadow part of this image.


Just your friendly neighborhood dragon! I drew five random lines on the paper and started painting whatever it looked like. A fun exercise! 

Today was my birthday! I had a wonderful time at the Danish aqua world called “Den Blå Planet” (the blue planet). I saw sharks, giant sting-rays, coral reef, seals, birds, eel and so much other cool stuff. There really is nothing like the ocean! I become like a small kid, just running around, looking at all the stuff, full of happiness and joy! Thanks all who made this day so special! < 3


I’ve been to the gym, I’ve finally got my new Iron Man tee from Threadless and I had an awesome day at the Danish aquarium!

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