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My Life

Here’s some pics from my life.

My collection of bones and skeletons, all dead when I found them : )

Shells from all around the globe, mostly from France and Egypt

A wall painting I did after returning from a diving trip to Egypt, 10 years ago. Thank you dad for letting me paint on my walls <3



Paris, Part 2

Some more shots from Paris, last weekend. I spent a summer in France when I was a teenager. Lived in a small town in Bretagne, trying to learn the language. To bad the family who let me stay in their home spoke Finnish, English and France. So I came back speaking fluent Finnish instead of France. Fail.

Someone left a bracelet in the bushes

When in Paris, this is always the closest I get to The Tower...Its like when I have been to Egypt about 5 times and never visited the Pyramids lol.

At the airport. Fun parking.