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Learning To Draw: Post #6

You know the deal, newest stuff at the top of the post. If you are interested in tracking the whole progress I suggest you choose the tag “Learning To Draw” on this blog, or use the links at the end of the post. You can find me on Polycount here (click for link). The past week I picked up digital drawing again, using Photoshop and my Intous 4 A4 o_o;

This weekend I went to Stockholm, for a first look at my new apartment and to attend Mojang’s housewarming party (which was awesome and deserves it’s own post). Didn’t have much time to draw. These are some made up doodles on the train back home. I was even a real creepy douche bag drawing people who had fallen asleep on the train xD 7th/10

Some nude studies from photo refs. 4th/10

More practice on painting in PS, blending colors. Some kind of puma hat used by a made up nature people. 2nd/10

It’s very hard to transfer my analog skills to PS. I’m using a Medium Intous 4 which I bought back in 2010. 1st/10

Alright, so it’s time for the moment I dreaded, to add digital painting to my routine lol. I must say I find color blending very hard in PS, and right now I have no idea to do stuff like paint in grey and then color it. Or how to use all the layer blending options?
So spent week trying to fins some tutorials on Conceptart.org.
The plum took me 45 min, and after reading some how-to’s I managed to paint the dragon head without ref.

For the self-portrait group on FB. Number 4. 30th of October. Need to get back on track with these portraits, haven’t really got time to make them 1/day during the last week. I learn so much from making them, they feel vital if I want to evolve in painting human faces.

Grabbed my pen and paper, went outside to draw on the 30th of October (like a boss). Tried to practice some perspective (on which I suck big time).


Awh, I need to write other posts than just these “Learning To Draw” themed ones, I know! But the past week I’ve had a bunch of real life stuff I needed to do. I’m starting my new job in Stockholm on the 15th of October, so this week was all about moving my stuff, travelling to Stockholm (I currently live in Malmö and for those of you who suck at Googling/geography we are talking about Sweden). Real life is interfering with my drawing mission right now. Been thinking on how to keep up with the drawing once I go back to working 8h/day like normal people. To me drawing is a hobby, and I got no intentions whatsoever to make a living out of my art. I’m doing this for me, I want to see how far I can push this artsy side of me.

Oh wow, my desk is staring to look like one of those artsy desks artsy people have at home. Too bad I’m moving to Stockholm and need to pack all that shit into boxes. Takes a long time to build an artsy mess like this!

I strongly believe a key to success is cementing good and healthy routines like going to bed in time, eating healthy and working out. To constantly iterate upon these habits and to mix it up with spontaneous things like parties and hanging out with friends. Time management is a very hard thing to do, but it’s not impossible. Simple, everyday routines are something many despise or dread, they don’t want to “feel trapped”. But I can tell you good, daily routines are vitally important to almost everyone’s well being. If the world for some reason turns into a dark place (if you lose someone you love or have an accident), firm, daily routines will help you getting back to normal life. There’s a reason people who experience really traumatic things should go back to work or school as soon as possible, it helps them recover faster. So never look down on routines or good habits. One day they might save your mind.

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