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The Killers & Lemaître!


Image by me. The Killers live in Malmö. So happy they played all of my favorite songs!

Checking things off my bucket list like a boss. Last weekend I watched The Killers perform live in Malmö, Sweden. Yesterday me and some friends went to watch Lemaître perform at a club in here Stockholm. Both of the concerts were super sweet, dreams coming true. I think I’ve wanted to see The Killers live for a bit over 6 years, and to finally be able to see them put on a show in front of my eyes were nothing short of amazing. It’s still hard to think I was in the same room as my ongoing teenage crush Brandon Flowers, haha!


Brandon Flowers, so awkward but sexy at the same time, haha! One of those performes who are super skilled, got a mega smile and just makes me want to do whatever it takes to get equally awesome.

Lemaître is a Norwegian electro-duo from Bergen (the same city where I got plenty of family members). They are super skilled and if they are given enough time I’m sure they will be up there with giants like Röyksopp and Justice in a few years. The concert was kick-ass-, super heavy base vibrating in my whole body, people dancing like mad and the artists even stage-dived <3 Click [here] to listen to their music for free.


Image by me. Lemaître live at Debaser, Stockholm this weekend. Crazy and fantastic!