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Deep Blue Sea?

So I was going to make a dive in the Harbor of Malmö (the Swedish town where I live) last week. A friend of mine had managed to get his longboard in the water (don’t ask me how). And since it was not any longboard, but his favorite board worth 350$ I decided to try to help him get it up. Since it’s spring in Sweden by now, there’s at least no ice on top of the ocean, and the water is as warm as lovely 5 degrees C (trust me, I looked it up). Anyway, I could not resist such a challenge since I love swimming and diving, so I packed my wet suit, my swim fins and my goggles. My plan was to go diving right after work on Friday and then head back to the office for a nice after work beer with the other buddies at work.

Unfortunately things changed and for reasons I couldn’t not do anything about the dive got cancelled in the last minute. So I decided to have the after work in my Top Gun flight suit instead (had it at work since I was going to bring it to the dive, it’s warm and easy to slip into). Event went to a club in it later that night. Got some fun looks, but hey, it was worth it!

The weekend was mostly spent near Göteborg (Sweden’s second largest city), watching koi-fish in a pond, together with horny frogs looking for partners. I guess I’m lucky when I’m near nature.

This is where the dive was going to take place. About 2 meters deep.

Legal street art in the harbor of Malmö

Me in the Top Gun flight suit!

My new sweet hearts! Every pair of heels I buy just gets more dangerous than the last ones...