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Five Weeks Later

Just a normal desk decoration!

A storm on the horizon. My view!

Christmas party at Paradox’s main office this weekend. Our CEO Fredik Wester held a great speech and said “To some people it might look as if we are hiring random strangers off the streets, but that’s not true. We are just growing so fast it might be hard for some people to keep track of all the new faces. It’s really exciting times right now!”. Paradox has been growing very fast the past two years, I’m very happy I get to be a part of the ride!

Every Friday we have “Fancy Friday” at work. The developers put on some nice clothes. A guy even dressed up like a gentleman and had one of those gentlemen’s walking sticks. The had made the Alien head in 3D, then sent it to a 3D printer company! Pretty impressing!

Stockholm at 05 pm, already dark. Beautiful but cold!

It’s been five weeks now since I started at Paradox North, working with community management and metrics analytics. I can’t talk much about the games I’m working on, but I can tell you I’m involved in Magicka and Salem among others. My position is very interesting and a bit challenging, since I’m working with a lot of projects at the same time, but my base is set in Paradox North and their upcoming new project. I’m a company wide resource so to speak.

Salem is a crafting mmo, a big social experiment. It was the game that made me interested in working for Paradox in the first place. I was hoping to put my experiences of working with an mmo to a good use. Salem is a sandbox game about the pilgrims settling in a new world. Each server is an open world, and the players can change the world by modifying it, craft tons of items, explore the nature and make their own rules and society. There are really no rules set by the developers, it’s up to the players to make their own. Death is permanent, and if you die you make a new avatar and that avatar is considered a “grandchild” of your old avatar, inheriting the lands of the old avatar.

Players gather in gangs and help each other out, they defend property or destroy other people’s stuff. Sounds kinda harsh, but I think the possibilities of everything that can happen in a game like this, is just so exciting! We are giving away free beta keys each day at this site (click here), if you want to try it out : D Salem is developed together with a company called Seatribe, creators of Heaven & Hearth. It says on their site they “specialize in permadeath & forum drama“.

I’s a bit confusing, but the studio I’m working for, Paradox North, is a studio within the great Paradox studio itself. Paradox consist of Paradox Interactive with all the producers handling external contacts with games they are publishing. Then there’s Paradox Development Studio that craft their own strategy games, working together with Paradox Interactive. We have an office in New York as well, where our marketing has it’s hq. The name “Paradox” is mostly associated with publishing of strategy games, but today the company also make their own games and sell both digital and physical copies. Paradox South is a content studio based in Skövde, focusing on art. Paradox North (my studio), is located in the same building as Paradox Interactive & Development Studio in Stockholm. We’re a studio making a new secret project. When I can, I will tell you more about the game in the making. All of the studios and departments are working together and share some resources and locations.

This weekend I’m gonna spend drawing and reading my copy of “Creative Illustration” written by the great artist Andrew Loomis, just relaxing and sleeping as much as possible. It’s been a long week and I need to stress down.

Paradox North

Swag from Easy Studios & Paradox!

The sun is going down on Stockholm. Beautiful but cold city. Feels exciting but a bit weird to actually be living in Sweden’s capital now.

Release party for War of The Roses two weeks ago. Photo by @TanvirMansur. Paradox is a big publisher and developer of games in Stockholm, most known for strategy games.

On my way to the Paradox party. Colored my hair before moving from Malmö.

Anything can happen when you work at the 23rd floor!

Hi guys, I know it’s been a while since my last update here. Real life is taking a lot of (well deserved) energy and attention right now. Not only am I starting a new job and getting to know a new team, but I have also moved 450 kms to a new city and battling a broken computer and some health issues.

After Junebud went bankrupt during August I landed a job at Paradox in Stockholm, starting two weeks ago. Paradox is a big publisher of games, and also develops their own games. They’re Sweden’s 4th biggest game company and it’s very exciting to be working for such a big studio! I’m working for Paradox North, a small studio within Paradox itself. Paradox is made up of Paradox Interactive, Paradox Development Studio, Paradox North & South, all in all employing something like 70-80 people!

The company is mostly know for real time strategy games, but has also published games like Magicka and is now working on the crafting mmo Salem together with Seatribe (to mention one ongoing project). I’ll be working on a mix of several games, putting the skills I learned at Junebud to good use. Most of all it feels really good to be back in the game again, doing something that matters!

My Birthday!

Mass Effect me drawn by David Palm!

Original me!

Celebrated my birthday this week! Can’t really tell you much except it was one of my best birthdays ever! Got this awesome hand painted portrait from my dear friend David. He made one Mass Effect themed and a plain one. I was so happy to get them, it really made my day!

Speaking of something more serious: the game studio behind “Prototype”, Radical Entertainment, is shutting down. Makes me sad, I really enjoyed Prototype 1 and was going to buy the newly released squeal. Haven’t really got around to do it yet since my 360 is kinda old and I know it could get RROD at any time. That + I don’t really want to spend my vacation indoors…

Sad news...

Had a quick lunch today while in Stockholm (yes, feels like I’m traveling 24/7 while on vacation). Met with Henrik who’s a game designer at Easy Studios. Back in the days he and some other game developers I knew at Uni worked at a mod called “Decadence“. It made me happy to hear he liked it at Easy now and learned plenty of new things. I was always sure the the gays & gals behind Decadence would get hired after Uni. They were all talented, friendly and motivated. Today they work at Paradox, Mojang and Starbreeze (to mention some of the places). Hopefully I will be able to catch up on more about what’s going on in Henriks life in July when I go back to Stockholm again!