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Mojang’s Housewarming Party

Game developer beer in Malmö, Tuesday, arranged by Tarsier Studio. It’s really nice they are hosting these kinds of get-togethers! I felt a bit socially awkward since I’ve been hiding away in my dungeon last coupe of weeks, drawing. To my surprise and joy a whole bunch of old Junebuddies showed up!

Heading off to Stockholm on Thursday to attend Mojang’s housewarming party! Got latest issue of Wired to keep me company on the train. Takes about 4,5 hours to go there.

Enjoying a cup of tea at the Mojang’s offices. They got a super cool studio! Sorry, didn’t take any more pictures, was too busy hanging out with my friends and making new ones. Thanks to Lydya and Johan who invited me!

My sister did my awesome braid on the train from Uppsala to Stockholm for the party. Thanks Kira!

Had a chance to check out my new apartment in Stockholm. Found out I live near two beautiful lakes <3

Autumn up here is so beautiful! I usually look up, watching trees when I’m out walking.

Last week I went to Stockholm from Malmö, delivering a first batch off stuff to my new apartment. New job starts on Monday the 15th, and I’m really excited! I had the chance to attend Mojang’s housewarming party and mingle with some of the most awesome game developers in Sweden.

Moving To Stockholm!

At Rovio’s party this Thursday, in Stockholm. Finnish game studio behind “Angry Birds” are opening a new office in Stockholm!

Saturday morning, and I’m tired as fu*k, waiting for the subway. Stayed at a friend’s place, and only got around 4 hours of sleep. We spent the night talking about game design, space and life in general. I appreciate these kinds of midnight discussions so much!

Outside Easy’s offices in Stockholm. My friend Henrik works as a game designer on Battlefield Heroes. He was kind enough to show me around!

Bathrooms at Easy’s office. That’s cool!

Had a lot of time to kill on Friday, so just walked around in the city. This handsome guy is selling fish and teaching some school kids about all the fish you can find in Swedish waters. Looks hipster to me. The artsy tattoos, the long hair, lumberjack beard and the expensive watch. I’m sure he owns a long board and updates his tumbler with Instagram photos? But what do I know…

So this week I was back in Stockholm for more. Attended the Rovio party on Thursday and met some new interesting people. Took the time to hang out with old friends, and had a lovely dinner with people from Mojang, Easy, Paradox and more on Friday. All in all I had some very difficult decisions to make about the future, but things are looking bright. So bright in fact I’m now searching for an apartment in Stockholm! I will be moving there next month, so if you know anyone who has place for rent, let me know (you can drop me an e-mail to sara.casen at gmail dot com).


Tobias, Me, Johan and Lydia.

This week I flew to Stockholm, staying just for a day, meeting up with some old palls and new contacts. I must say I was very excited when Mojang’s community manager Lydia Winters invited me on Twitter, to the office for a cup of coffee. Meeting with her was such a nice experience! She really is the same lovely, smart and talented Lydia as on Twitter. It’s not often people turn out to be the same IRL. Many ppl create an alter ego online that possesses all those characteristics they wished they had in real life, but not Lydia.

So I had a quick cup of coffee (or glass of juice for me since my stomach was still rioting after the flight), and I must say it was so sweet to meet old friends such as Tobias and Johan (also hired by Mojang now)! We went to school together, and they are both very bright and fascinating gentlemen.

But the coolest moment was when I opened the door to the office and an unknown family behind me tried to look over my shoulder to get a sneak peek of the Mojang office. It turned out they had traveled all the way from Israel, to see the place where Minecraft was made! The young gentleman in the Israeli family got to take a photo with one of the Minecraft devs  “Jeb”. I have never ever seen anyone that starstruck, he almost fainted! His mouth was  moving, but he could not make a sound, and his eyes were almost popping out of the sockets. It’s amazing he got to meet his big idol, and I’m sure he will remember that moment for the rest of his life. My previous boss at Junebud, Ola Holmdahl, was the lead designer for Battlefield 1942, and sometimes when he mentions this fact to developers at game conferences, they react a bit like this young Israeli kid. But they usually like to shake his hand and thank him for making such a great game (then they want to talk war stories from inside the game). All in all, it’s amazing to be part of something that actually means something to people, that changes them, that makes them have fun and connects with other humans.

Bono from U2, acting artistic and stuff.

It’s important to have someone to look up to, when you are young. To have some sort  of role model, someone who inspires you and brings out the best in you. It can be your mum, your cousin, a teacher, a singer or a game developer. I admired Bono from U2 when I was a teen. And if I got to choose, I think he is still one of the most inspirational people I know. One day I would love to sit down with him and have a beer, talk about the world, and how strange place it really is.


Weekly Work Photos Week 7 2012


Visit to the ER.

Hi all, as you know I’ve been ill most of this week (and the weekend after Casual Connect last week). Both me and my friend Malte from Triolith Entertainment got infected by this super flu from Germany…It’s really boring to stay at home all day long, just resting and drinking water. The good thing is that when you are bored you get a ton of new ideas and energy do your best when you are back to work!

Om nom nom!

Back to what’s been happening at work! This week the whole Junebud Crew have been working hard and on Thursday a big bucket of marshmallows magically appeared on the kitchen table!

This week I found out about the computer game development event “Utvecklarpriset 2012“. It’s an award to highlight game developers in Sweden. There are A LOT of computer game development happening in Sweden at the moment with Mojang, DICE and King.com to mention a few. The event itself is a good thing to do, but I got a bit disappointed when not a single female was nominated for anything, but 116 males. It’s not like I think you need to nominate females just for the sake of it, but I  think the list of nominees gave the wrong impression; like there’s no females working in the Swedish game industry at all, or at least not any talented ones…And I know a bunch of talented women building games!

Later on I found out it looks like there might been some other problems with this event, like there was no category for “best programmer”, and in some categories they mixed developers with studios, even thou the category said “people only”. A game studio was even nominated as “Best Online Game”? And one guy was nominated in all categories. This event caused a lot of rage (and some praise) within game developers in Sweden. It turned out there was no jury choosing what peopel should be up for the prize, but everyone could freely nominate whoever they wanted. Hopefully the event itself will be fun and I wish all my fellow developers good luck in Stockholm tonight!

I feel this is turning into a much longer post than intended. I try not to write that much about politics or come across like a raging feminist since a lot of them get death treats online for expressing concerns about the fact women are being treated badly around the world. Some day I will write about what I feel regarding booth babes, women developing games and what problems we still have in the Nordic countries. I don’t hate men or anything, so don’t get me wrong. In the mean time, check this blog out about women and gaming. Its fun and well written!