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Learning To Draw: Post #8

Hi guys, you know the deal by now. Newest stuff at the top, older drawings as you scroll down. To see more of these “Learning To Draw” posts, chose “Learning To Draw” tag to the right or use the index at the bottom of the post.

Study of male face, from Magic Mike, 29th of Oct, 45 min

More digital practice on the 29th of Oct, 2 hours

Finally got my computer to work with a proper Photoshop on it! 29th of Oct 2 hours

Some quick stuff while watching Magic Mike on the 28th of Oct

Computer broke down and no energy to draw, 28th of Oct

Some crap doodled during the 17th Oct

Sick, sick girl 16/Oct 30 min

Some quick doodles to work my anatomy (pun intended) on the 16th of Oct. 60 sec/each. 

So since my computer decided to fuck itself I haven’t really had access to Photoshop the past two weeks. Also my new job has taken a lot of energy, as moving to Stockholm, new roomie, new hoods, riding trains for 1,5 hours each day etc. The list goes on, but I try my best to get back to drawing each day, as I notice it really does my good.

Photo of my “Learning To Draw” album on FB. Realized I’ve been doing this for more than two months now!

Lately I’ve been trying to practice on drawing skin digitally, and if you have any good tutorials, don’t hesitate to share it with me. Feedback is always welcome!

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