Tarsier Freak Show

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All my guys kinda look the same, hehe. Need to work some variety into the male figures and portraits I’m drawing. Attended the weekly sketch jam on Tuesday and then went for hamburgers. I’m on first name basis with the Starbucks baristas by now.

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Tarsier Studios (where I used to work) threw a party yesterday, and it was a blast! Didn’t snap that many photos, but the decoration was super cool! They had these weird DJ’s mixing chiptune music, a popcorn machine, a candy floss machine, free street food, a giant monster cake and so much more fun stuff. The themes was “Freak Show” and I do think they managed to deliver a freakishly sweet party. Check out their Instagram for more photos.

Meeting some of my old colleagues and having a beer with them was the best part of the night. I really had such a great team when working there : ) Miss you guys!

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