The Fear


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I’m trying to take some of the stuff I’m thinking about and making paintings of it instead of writing loooong blog posts. The top one is made today using colored pencils and black acrylics. It’s based on the theme “The Fear/Drowning”. Then there’s some technical studies of anatomy. I’ve found the best way to actually remember the muscles when I’m studying anatomy; watch male gymnastics, hehe…Those guys are so ripped it’s like observing a living anatomy chart…hehe…Starting with the upper front body, taking one part at a time. This time I will make it, I will go trough the whole body once and for all.

I’m not all too happy with the squid lady, wanted the squids to hang on to the character in a more needy way, but whatever. As you can tell I experimented a bit with adding a giant octopus to the image, but that idea got scrapped in the end. Had fun painting this, will try and make some more soon. It’s been way too long since I painted something based on feelings or inspiration or stories I make up in my mind. I’ve been to focused on just producing, not thinking of what I want to say with the stuff I create. Digging into my subconscious has given me tons of inspiration for new images to paint and draw. I mean, the end goal with learning how to do art must be to do the art, right? I’m not comfortable with doing art just to get better at it. As I see it, expressing yourself or perhaps creating something that has a feel to it should be my goal. All this practice, all these studies day in and day out, are just means to an end really. That said I try to value the journey as much as the goal. I honestly think doing just that is the only way to enjoy the journey and make it count. To make it fun and worthwhile.

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It’s really hot in Malmö right now. My poor, old Sony Vaio laptop can’t stand the heat, so every now and then I have to shut it down and cool it off. It’s so hot in my apartment the chocolate begins to melt if I don’t keep it in the refrigerator.

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