To Be Honest


I know that I myself like to read other people’s blogs and stories when they are honest. When someone has the guts to tell you what’s really going on, or what’s actually on their minds. I guess we are all afraid of being too honest, when we are out in the open, when everyone can read what we write. We are afraid that what we say or type may or may not be used against us at some point. When we look for a new job, when we do business, when we meet with our friends. Why do we expect the worst? At the same time when someone says “OMG I can’t believe how he/she can spill her life’s story on a public blog”, we eagerly read what they are writing. We are hungry for honest, brave writers who dare to share personal stuff. Maybe stuff about broken hearts, about depression, about feeling lost or alone. Because bad and difficult things happen to all of us, it’s part of being a human, part of being alive. We all go trough rough times every now and then. I guess the thing that makes us differ is how much we share about it. Do we tell our families? Our friends? Or Twitter followers or our blog readers? Or do we hide it, behind a smile, behind a photo of a perfect lunch at a fancy hipster restaurant (Instagram, I’m looking at you!). Some people despise weaknesses and would never ever share anything personal online or with even the closest of friends. Other are so scared of ruining a potential career in the distant future they just lock their problems away and try to deal with them when no-ones watching.

Those who talk openly about their problems, who dare to be honest, to admit they are not perfect, they are important. They prove to us that even the most happy person, or the most beautiful one, or that one you thought had the perfect life, even they have their own problems and daemons. In a way it makes you feel less alone, it makes your own burden easier to carry. I think messy, broken and torn are way more interesting and beautiful than perfect or whole. You know that maybe everyone else are just trying to get by, just like you? Sometimes life is awesome, and sometimes it’s truly not.

I’ve always struggled with how personal I want to be, both here and also on social media. I have realized that I’m not too afraid of what other people think about the stuff I post. If someone read stuff I post here, and decided to judge me, then fine. I would say that people who are quick to judge others often have plenty of problems and their own mess they really should spend time cleaning up. Really. I’m totally fine with not everyone being comfortable sharing every personal detail about themselves online. I’m honestly a bit creeped out about these blogs where people share absolutely everything about their life, or shows like “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. I don’t wanna add to that noise. I don’t wanna come across like an attention junkie. I want to craft posts that actually has e deeper meaning expect “buy this dress or look at my new breakfast”.

What I’m trying to say whit all this rambling is that ever since I lost my job two weeks ago I have had some time to think and address stuff that’s been on my mind for some time. I also moved into a new apartment, gotten some change of surroundings. Of course I’m still sad about the job, I loved working with my team, and I miss them so much. But I try to view this as an opportunity to maybe find something new and even better. When you remove one part of your life another one will eventually take it’s place. I wonder what it will be.

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  1. Andreas

    A tricky subject indeed. It comes down to intention, of what use could sharing of private information be to others of which you had a bunch of good examples.

    Hope you find a new job soon. Now there’s one interesting person less at the office to have conversations with.


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