Trends of Summer 2015


Just a small drawing I did on the train from Stockholm, showing the style and fashion trends of this summer! Some I really like, while others…not so much! But whatever floats somebody’s boat, right? Haha!

Going to Skövde tomorrow. I’m giving a lecture on video games stuff on Wednesday, on the Microsoft Game Camp. Gonna be a lot of fun! Meeting up with some old friends and all the students! I get so much energy from meeting with new people, especially creative ones.

Speaking of creative, the this August will mark three years since I stared my “Art Project”. Thinking a lot about what I’ve learned the past year, and about my yearly write-up. It feels like this year went by so fast it’s crazy. Also I haven’t been that productive this year (for several reasons). Well, until I write the new summary, feel free to read about what I learned during my first year of painting, and my second. Perhaps someone else can learn something : )

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