Two Weeks Without Facebook

Haha oh damn, I feel like such a tragic person, but now I’m writing a blog post about the fact that I haven’t used FB for two weeks in a row. I mean, I totally get how ironic it is that I use my own blog for writing about how I spend less time online, and more time doing stuff in real life.

I had been feeling like some kind of twilight creature for a while, not really present online, not really present in the real world. I think it all started when I got an iPhone back in the last days of 2011. I spent more and more time online, checking mail, social media and news. I grew tired of always being connected, always up to date, processing huge amount of information in a short period of time. As someone once said, it’s not information overflow  it’s filter failing. As a community manager and very social person, it’s natural I’m interested in Internet behavior, but I felt I was channeling my energy in a non-constructive way. The only time I log in to Facebook is when I use it for my job at Paradox.

To me Facebook has become increasingly boring during the last coupe of months. It’s mostly because of the enormous amount of spam and adds, but the feeling that so much of my life being in the FB servers bothered me more and more. I want to be in charge of my own pictures and stuff. At least I want that illusion. So here’s a collection of real life activities that makes me happy!


Spending time on the beach in Denmark, 2011.


Diving in Norway, 2006.


Paddling in the Finnish archipelago .

So what’s my view about this FB-experiment so far?

I feel like I have more time to concentrate on my drawing and hanging out with real friends. I was a bit worried to lose touch with my friends, but most of them got my Skype and cell number. To my surprise I don’t really miss Facebook or checking my feed while on the metro. I still use Twitter, but not in the same way as before : )

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